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How to Build a Rock Solid Business Without Destroying Relationships or Damaging Your Health

  This is a game changer for anyone who is ready to level up and stop from rushing around at what seems like 1,000 miles an hour, trying to do it all, working your ar$e off doing what it takes to be successful, but somehow wondering what it is you have to do to get to the next level…

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but first a warning!

  What we’re about to share with you isn’t something we cranked out in an afternoon to make a quick buck! That’s not our style.

  Running a business is far from easy. We know this to be true from running our own businesses for the past 30+ years.

  During that time we’ve worked with literally 1,000’s of owner-managed businesses, often couples in business, in all manner of trades and professions, and we’ve witnessed the joy when it works and the tears when it doesn’t…

  Running a business can be hard work and sometimes you know it’s just a bit too hard: your business is not quite where it should be and it’s stressful.

  It comes with worries and sometimes it just overwhelms you with the endless "to-do-list”, and what seems like the never-ending fight with a few customers who just want to keep cutting your prices…

  … and not mention the odd problematic colleague - you’d love it if they showed up on time and did the actual work you asked of them!

  Of course, this is all having an impact on your relationships at home, too: many stupid fights, arguments with the kids and because of the relentless hours you are putting in, you're not eating properly and probably drinking a little too much.

  You might be wondering how you’ve ended up like this?

  So often the dream of being an entrepreneur is to build something where you don't have to work so hard, where you have more choices in life, to be free, right?

  We are sharing FREE our proven method and process we’ve been using to help our clients for many, many years to transform their business and lives.

  It works, we have the proof!

 Using the content from our brand new book: “Rock Solid Growth 2.0"  we’ve added our best digital content to a simple to use platform

Create a free account using the 100% off gift code which you can find in the book.

  We’ll then take you deep into the core of the solution to solve the deep rooted, hardcore problems that most business owners face…

  …and give you the tools to build something sustainable, something that can be Rock Solid and grows with or without you, during boom times or tough times.

And to make it even easier for you we can break this down into 4 core elements


4 weeks, 6 modules lifetime access!

Module #1

Your Current Rock

  Right before we begin, you need to know which rock you are standing on right now.

  What got you here, what has worked and what hasn’t?

  None of us can decide which way to go unless we first know where we are now, and this starts the process to lay down some firm foundations to build the path of where your business needs to go next

Module #2

everything starts here

  Defining what you want becomes more important as you grow your business. Not many realise this.

  A lot has changed since those early honeymoon days of starting your business, you have a few battle scars, bumps and bruises and now you are looking to step up to the next level and capitalise on your efforts…

  In which case, what does that look like?

  In this module we’ll help you uncover the key element to ignite your enthusiasm and give you the energy for your next exciting chapter

Module #3

more money

  Here we cut to the core of why you are in business - your numbers!

  Most people who are scared of the numbers or who find the process boring simply don’t understand them.

  Fear comes from lack of knowledge

  If you are in business to make money, doesn’t it make sense to get good at the numbers bit?

  We’ll explore what profit means to you?

  And we’ll show you what you often have already right under your nose, but are simply unaware of.

Module #4

more time

  With the continual evolution of technology, we constantly witness new clients who are simply unaware of the amazing opportunities technology presents to all of us.

  Systems run businesses, people run systems…

  Using the simple 80:20 law, we’ll share how we used this simple technique to find and adapt ways to run our business in a fraction of the time, and how we continually help our clients achieve similar results.

  Get 80% done in 20% of the time, giving you that precious time you always feel is missing in your life

Module #5

more choice

  Success is something you attract by the person you become.

  Your income is directly related to your philosophy, not the economy.

  Your philosophy has to change.

  In this module, we’ll go deep into what so many entrepreneurs struggle with, the fears that hold many back, the unnecessary worry and show you what you can do right now to fix this.

Module #6

your action plan

  Our aim is to give you the complete “how to” blueprint of the critical elements to ensure you have a Rock Solid business that can grow no matter what the world economy throws at us.

  We’ll show you when you are missing an element or not paying enough attention to them, how this holds you back and is the root cause of most of the worry, stress and overwhelm business owners feel.

  We’ll show you how to make sure you keep them all in check and how to take what we share and use it long into the future for continual sustainable growth

Create Your

Rock Solid Growth NOW!

But wait - there's

so much 


  We’ve also added a brand new collection of the very best coaching and mentoring exercises that are being used right now by us and our clients…

  …the very same process that created massive success for some of our clients over the last few years, despite the world being shut down, the economic climate, cost of living crisis, crap Governments and high interest rates. 

  All you need is the Gift Code inside our book Rock Solid Growth 2.0 grab a copy if you haven’t already and find the code:

In the meantime, here’s what this amazing gift looks like:

Lesson #1

your rock solid plan

  "People with goals succeed because they know where they're going.": Earl Nightingale, In lesson #1 We’ll help you set meaningful measurable goals that excite you, electrify you and create new energy.

Lesson #2

What holds everyone back?

  We’ll unearth what's really holding you back, [clue:] it's what holds everyone back and it’s not about technical or professional skills!

  If you know what you want and what’s stopping you from getting it, that’s half the battle. We’ll know what we need to do next to fix it.

Lesson #3

Something meaningful and measurable

  We’ll help you identify simple key numbers to measure and help you clearly understand the most important part of the puzzle that will unlock everything that’s stopping you from growing your business.

Lesson #4

The killer reason that’s making business and life so tough for you

  The number one reason you find it hard to make sales consistently at the right price, and the reason you are constantly forced to discount and scared to charge more for your products and services and the #1 reason why you sometimes don’t enjoy your business. 

Lesson #5

Making change

  To change some things in your life, you need to change some things in your life. We’ll show you the proven methods many of our clients have used to make significant change. We’ll even share the websites and links to what's working, plus advanced trainings

Lesson #6

The number one metric

  There is one simple metric that every business owner needs to increase.

Crack this and you will never be poor… ever!
We’ll even share the links to the advanced training we use personally…

Lesson #7

More, better, new

  How to do more of what works, and why better allows you to increase profits without losing customers. You'll learn how to become world-class and dominate the competition.

Lesson #8

How to quickly and easily monitor and check progress

  Busy entrepreneurs don’t have time to crunch the data, but with the right knowledge and key ingredients, we’ll show you how you can quickly build confidence in your results, so you can repeat again and again.

Lesson #9

More than sales

  You'll discover the secret behind sustainable long-term growth, where your business is easier to run, less stressful and leaves you more time to look after yourself and your family.

Lesson #10

become a better you

  You'll learn how to build a strong successful business and live a happy successful life by working on you!

Here we’ll help you up your game and show you methods to become stronger and more effective in every area of your life.

Create Your

Rock Solid Growth NOW!

here's what to do next

  You get instant access to our private members' area, with masterclasses carefully delivered in an easy-to-consume style.

  You also get access to a Q&A section, where you can ask as many questions as you need, again all FREE!

The content is worth literally tens of thousands of pounds, and this is the very same content we have used to help our one-to-one clients. It's all here for a token price of £1,500 plus VAT, BUT:

important message

… if you grab the book and hunt out the gift code worth £1,500 plus VAT you can have access to everything inside 28day.biz for £0.00
  You can download and use the simple workbooks again and again.

  We know there is work to do, but the time will pass anyway, right? Might as well use it wisely...

  We know from time to time life throws us the odd curveball and scuppers our plans, and that’s why you can have lifetime access to the content to revisit as often as you wish and never miss out.

Your Questions Answered About Rock Solid Growth

+ How much is this?

  We have already sold the content inside the 28 day platform for thousands and right now we placed a token value of £1,500, just a fraction of what it is worth…

  …but, if you add the Gift Code which you will find inside the book Rock Solid Growth on page 87 (link here) - you can have access to all the content for life for a total cost of £0.00 as a genuine gift from us to you.

+ Why are you giving so much valuable content away for free?

For two reasons:

  Reason #1 - we want you to join one of our programmes and become a client, but to do so, we want you arriving already doing something that works and this is a method we use to find new clients who are action takers.

  Reason #2  - We want to demonstrate to you that we can make a difference, so you can follow reason #1 by actually showing you.

  If you read the book, go through the set of emails we send and the videos that go with it, then download the workbooks and complete the exercises, you will have access to the very same coaching and mentoring and proven methods we give our clients.
If you do what they did with the information [clue: they did the work we suggested,], you could make a significant difference to your own results, more money and better relationships and everything a whole lot easier for you.

+ Is the content guaranteed to work?

  Not if you don’t do the work? The content is general and we don’t know anything about you or your business, but it is the very same content we gave our clients and for those that did the work, implemented what was required, they have achieved some amazing results.

+ Are there real business examples where I can see where this has worked?

  Yes, inside the workbooks we share some real examples and link you to one client's website to see instantly the impact. We also run quarterly live events for our clients and you are welcome to join us to meet with them and ask them, all the details are inside.

+ If I sign in, will you email me and try to sell me something?

  If you wish to sign into the 28 day site (don’t forget to grab the book and Gift Code worth £1,500 plus VAT link here) you will receive a series of emails to release some of the content and at the end of the sequence you will be added to our daily email system where Kev and Vicki each day write an email with more free coaching and mentoring, again to show you we can help you, if at any stage you don’t like the content or you don’t like us!

  Simply unsubscribe and we’ll wish you all the best, our style and methods aren't for everyone.

  But, when you're ready we will always let you know how we can help you in person.

+ Is there much work to do?

  We provide the content in a way that should fit in with your weekly routines, we’ll literally swap out some simple TV or Social media scroll time and deliver everything you need during our 28 days together. You have lifetime access to this content but to implement it of course will require work.

  How much all depends on what you realise you must do during our time together, but the workbooks will give you a clear plan to follow and in what order you should focus on next.

+ What happens after I have consumed the 28 Day Rock Solid Growth content?

  Our goal is to help you create your own Action Plan, once you have done that, implement it!

  If we help you create and improve your life, leave a comment to say it really helped and that’s it.

  But running a business requires consistent effort, you simply go through the process again and again getting better each time.

  However, if you want personal coaching, mentoring and maybe some accounting, access to us personally is obviously where we charge for our time - all the details on how to join can be found inside (don’t forget to grab the book and Gift Code worth £1,500 plus VAT link here)

+ Can I really ask as many questions as I like?

  Yep, inside the private members area we’ll provide a simple form to ask your questions, we do this so you have access 24/7 - we’ll then collect them up, put them in our work flow and give our full and very best replies

+ I've had coaching and mentoring before, what makes you so different?

  Coaching and mentoring is subjective, what we say or teach isn’t new!!

  The internet is full of free podcasts, videos and articles you can read and research, the libraries are full of books with the answers we are all looking for! What we do is save you time, by delivering the best answers to the same problems and challenges we’ve solved for hundreds if not thousands of clients before you.

+ Do you offer a money back guarantee?


  Seriously this really is genuine coaching and mentoring delivered digitally with access to unlimited questions and although it is worth 10’s of thousands, you are getting it 100% FREE, if you use the Gift code worth £1,500 plus VAT link here.

  This is life changing information, so long as you do your bit and take action.
Somewhere you have to take a leap of faith and trust you’ve found someone who can genuinely help you.

  The demand for our 1:1 services far exceeds our obvious ability to supply hence why we have put this together.

  PS - If you are the sort of person looking to hedge your bets with a refund every time you work with world-class coaches, mentors and accountants, then we probably aren’t the right people to help you…