How to Make More Money and Have an Easier Life...

     You may be sitting watching this video reading this and you're running a business, you work hard, you work long hours, but, the rewards aren't there where you think they should be...

We really do know how you feel and we really can help you…

    The main focus of our businesses is to help business owners make more money and have an easier life.

     Running a business can be a lot of fun and addictive but the problem is you can just end up doing it all the time until you become a bit of a saddo just just working all the time…

     ...and that affects your family, that affects relationships.

     Sometimes, it's just all out of balance and the business consumes everything you do.

     Ever had the children complain cuz you're always on your phone.... when they want your attention?

     Ever been out for a romantic dinner and you're interrupted by that "important call"? - What the heck can be more important than the number one person in your life?

If your business is slowly destroying your relationships...

     ...then something needs to change or you'll be successful, lonely and unhappy!

     One of the top reasons business owners want our help is to get life back into some sort of balance.

     We can all work hard and sometimes it's absolutely necessary, but at what point is it enough?

     Only you'll know deep down in your heart how your loved ones are suffering, you don't need us to tell you, which is why we focus on at least these 6 core areas:

  • Your relationship with your significant other
  • Your health and fitness
  • Money and wealth
  • Your family, friends and home
  • Fun and relaxation
  • and of course your work and business

     By addressing the cause of the stress, worry and overwhelm, we can start restoring the balance for all elements.

     If you want to change some things in your life you need to change some things in your life, right?

Your next easy step

     Why not book a call with Kev, and let's see if we can help you?

     On the call, you'll get an action plan with 3 simple options:

  • Take the plan away and implement everything yourself, maybe stay in touch and let us know how you get on
  •  You'd like some help, but just short-term, as you still don't know us and want to see how it goes, in which case we have a simple option for that.
  • Your business is strong and you know that to get to the next level you need some professional experienced help

Vicki La Bouchardiere

What to do if you're not sure?

Kev Whitehouse

Kev Whitehouse

    We get it, not everyone is ready to book a call which is why we sent you the book Rock Solid Growth 2.0, which includes the most amazing gift ever!!     

     Free access (when you enter the gift code inside the book worth £1,800) to a series of master classes with us and some practical workbooks taking you through our proven methods

and it's all here at 28day.biz

     In the meantime, here's what Julie Tucker from award winning Boat designers at Design Unlimited says:


     We have been working with Prime Entry since 2013, they are essentially part of our team and not an outside supplier.

     Our quarterly meetings with Kevin and Vicki are energising and invigorating and they look at a multitude of ways we can improve our business. 

Kevin and Vicki have given us much support, advice and coaching. 

     They are both excellent at identifying areas where we need to improve and making sure that we address these rather than shy away from them.