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How to grow a business and make the profits sustainable year on year…

     Maybe you have experienced a few knocks along the way:

     Cash flow problems, clients not paying you, lack of sales, working harder and harder, busier and busier and feeling like you are treading water.

     When business feels tough, it impacts home life, your relationships with your significant other, family, friends, and even your health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically.

If business was easy, everyone would be an entrepreneur!

     We know how you feel, we have felt the same way, and these videos are just a flavour to tell our story and help you understand that:

     We get it…

     We get you…

     We truly understand!

     We have both experienced some incredibly shit times, but the bad times have been as useful as the good when we draw on experience to help the clients we work with now.

     When we say “we know how you feel”, we genuinely do know what tough times are and what it takes to overcome them.

Why coaching and mentoring works

     I guess you could say we are lucky to be able to coach and mentor each other and, yes, it is pretty convenient, however we also engage the services of not one but two outside coaches…

     Like you, we are sometimes too close to see the obvious…

     …we see a 6 you see a 9!

     It’s the meeting of minds, the mastermind as Napoleon Hill, the author of 'Think and Grow Rich' described as: 

     “The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony…”

     It’s why professionals in sports and senior executives in large organisations insist on having a coach.

Your next easy step

     Why not book a call with Kev, and let's see if we can help you?

     On the call, you'll get an action plan with 3 simple options:

  • Take the plan away and implement everything yourself, maybe stay in touch and let us know how you get on
  •  You'd like some help, but just short-term, as you still don't know us and want to see how it goes, in which case we have a simple option for that.
  • Your business is strong and you know that to get to the next level you need some professional experienced help

Vicki La Bouchardiere

What to do if you're not sure?

Kev Whitehouse

Kev Whitehouse

    We get it, not everyone is ready to book a call which is why we sent you the book Rock Solid Growth 2.0, which includes the most amazing gift ever!!     

     Free access (when you enter the gift code inside the book worth £1,800) to a series of master classes with us and some practical workbooks taking you through our proven methods

and it's all here at 28day.biz

     In the meantime, here's what Hope Elletson Picture Framing entrepreneur says:


     I originally spoke to a number of accountants and I remember clearly saying to one of them that I want someone not just to do the books and accounts, I want someone to help me fly in business and the guy said to me “That's not our job!”

     Kevin and Vicki, however, are very much of the attitude; it's not just boring, dull numbers. They all mean something, and it's a control panel that shows you where you are going and what you need to do next. 

     The first time I joined one of the Q&A calls, someone said: “I only want to make this about business. I want to keep it separate from my life.” But very early on, I learned if your work objectives are not in tune with your values, you simply won't achieve them.

     So I found it very important straight away to work on all six aspects of life. I found all of the more personal things – my home, family and friends, my relationship with significant others, my health and fitness… all improved immeasurably in the first 90 days.

     It’s great to have someone to talk to who really understands the realities of running a business and Kevin+Vicki brings that.