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Two simple numbers that could change everything for you…

     This one single question changed our whole outlook on business…

     “Would you take a 20% pay cut to get 80% of your time back?”

     If you said yes - would you actually do it?

     And if so, how would you do it?

     Just thinking about this question can help you find seeds of opportunities that could lead to something more significant.

     Consider this:

     80% of your net profits probably come from 20% of what you do and sell!  

     Don’t believe that? Then, analyse your numbers and prove us wrong!

     80% of your time is probably wasted by 20% of the people in your life. We’ve all had a few people, clients, patients, customers who just seem to stick to us like limpets and take up a disproportionate amount of time.

     What about your time? Could it be that 80% of your time at work is a complete waste of time?  Oouch!  As a business owner this really could be true!

     How do we find out?

     We analyse it…

     Research it…

     Question it…

     Test it…

     Then, when we know the facts and data, plan to make changes   and then…

     Implement change…

How can you efficiently implement change?

     First, one must recognise change is needed.

     If we don’t accept something needs to change, then all we have is frustration and resentment and that just sucks, right?


     …if we start with having a review of what you have achieved in the last 90 days, what went well and what didn't..

     It’s safe to say the thoughts, emotions and actions you have experienced have contributed to the results you have today.

     If we were to help you set some meaningful, measurable goals to achieve in the next 90 days and then implement an accountability programme focused on changing habits and priorities, what we have experienced over and over is that this provides a valuable framework for change that can be repeated again and again.

     It’s just one of the highly effective tools we have in our tool kit and if it you’d like to experience how this works then:

Your next easy step

     Why not book a call with Kev, and let's see if we can help you?

     On the call, you'll get an action plan with 3 simple options:

  • Take the plan away and implement everything yourself, maybe stay in touch and let us know how you get on
  •  You'd like some help, but just short-term, as you still don't know us and want to see how it goes, in which case we have a simple option for that.
  • Your business is strong and you know that to get to the next level you need some professional experienced help

Vicki La Bouchardiere

What to do if you're not sure?

Kev Whitehouse

Kev Whitehouse

    We get it, not everyone is ready to book a call which is why we sent you the book Rock Solid Growth 2.0, which includes the most amazing gift ever!!     

     Free access (when you enter the gift code inside the book worth £1,800) to a series of master classes with us and some practical workbooks taking you through our proven methods

and it's all here at 28day.biz

     In the meantime, here's what Roxanne Hughes full-scope PR communications and marketing services across the superyacht sector says:


     The  level of personal dedication you get from the leaders on the 90-Day Breakthrough Course is phenomenal – they make it their job to get you.

      For me, it was really transformational. On a business front I've had a huge growth period, a huge boost of success. On a personal front, I feel like I've become the person I've spent years trying to be, because of the focus it's allowed me to have on my business, the confidence it's given me as a business owner personally, and how that has instigated change in the way I conduct myself with my clients, and how I assert myself.