We recorded this a few years ago PKB (Pre Kev’s beard…!!)

Good Job !!! You got Score%

But, you still have work to do, right?

How do you make the small shifts that'll make the

biggest difference?

     A better question to ask sometimes is "who" not "how"...

     Your efforts have gotten you to the score above, which is amazing, assuming you've been honest with yourself answering the questions!?

     To get this sort of score, we know you've worked hard, you’ve tried and tested many things and for the most part you have a good degree of success…


     …just maybe you are hitting that glass ceiling we all get to from time to time.

     You know it could be better, but you’re just not quite sure how to get to the next level…

     The default for most business owners is more sales, more customers,

     because if we can grow the sales and get more money, we can fix anything with more money?


     Many business owners we meet are constantly going for growth in sales, yet miss the easy opportunity for more profits!

     Because it’s the “more profits” that will give you the extra cash to not only fix the things that need fixing, but also lift the pressure in other areas of the business including enabling you to draw more for you and your family…

Profit is the #1 focus

     And that comes from not just one area but all areas working together in harmony.

     In our book Rock Solid Growth 2.0 which you should have in your inbox, we show you this model because as simple as it looks it provides a measurable formula for you to focus and see progress…

     And the scorecard you just completed to get you here is simply the 9 points around the outside of each of the 3 main circles, price, systems and positioning, plus the goals in the middle…

     … If you answered honestly, then your score is what it is and all you need to know is how to get each score to be 10/10?

     Again, the scorecard is in the book we just sent you to go through again, maybe with your spouse and/or key team members?

     But, most people find their overall score is dragged down because of 1 or 2 key points and it’s those points that if you worked on, say over the next 90 days, those improvements would have a bigger impact.

     In other words, if you know what needs fixing,

     you can now ask “how do you fix it?”

     and just maybe, “who can help me?”

     And that’s where we come in…

Your next easy step

     Book a call with Kev and see how we can help you… (don’t bring any credit cards as there is nothing to buy on these calls!)

     We don’t want you to feel this is some sort of high pressure sales call, because it isn’t, you might not even qualify to work with us.

     We have a simple criteria which starts with understanding your business and the challenges you face.

     Secondly we need to be sure that we can genuinely help you, because if we can't it certainly won't help you and it would damage our reputation if you engaged in our services that couldn’t help you!

     So the only way we’ll know is if we speak and on the call with Kev he will give you a simple action plan with 3 choices.

  • Choice 1 - you’ll be able to take the plan away and implement it yourself and maybe just keep in touch via Linkedin and let us know how you are getting on.

  • Choice 2 - you need more information on how we operate and maybe get to know us a bit more…

     We have a 90 day breakthrough programme that is designed to help you implement your plans step by step with full accountability and support from us in person, it’s zero risk because it comes with a 100% money back guarantee!

  • Choice 3 - you like the plan and you qualify to work with us.

     Kev will share the various options and how that works and he’ll probably follow up with something in writing so you can be absolutely sure of your investment.

Not ready yet?

     That’s also cool with us…

     You’ve been sent a copy of our book Rock Solid Growth 2.0, via an email from Kevin and Vicki - we sent a link for the PDF version as well as downloadable audio version, which we recorded ourselves.

But wait there's more!

     Inside the book there is a simple code, if you head on over to the login at 28day.biz, and use the code at the order form page, you can have the entire online course absolutely free for as long as you want it.

     You’ll get access to 4 modules and tons of help from us, with video masterclasses and workbooks and even an opportunity to ask questions in the Q&A section…