Work with us LIVE in person for 28 days where we show you...

...How We Help Our Clients Build the Perfect Life, to Reduce the Stress, Overwhelm and Worry and Give Them Back the Time and Energy to Live an Amazing Life!

From the desk of:

Kevin Whitehouse and Vicki La Bouchardiere

World-class coaches and mentors

this is your personal invitation:

  This is your personal invitation to work live, in-person with us for the next 28 days.

  To help you create your electrifying Life Changing Rock Solid Action Plan.

  Your personal, solid step-by-step plan that shows you how to create a sustainable business that energises you for life, rather than one that sucks the life out of you!

  Kev and Vicki will give you 28 days of support, including some personal 1:1 coaching and mentoring.

  We’ll work with you and help you convert everything you have been given in the 28 day Rock Solid Growth platform, our Rock Solid Growth book and audio, all the workbooks, the philosophy and thinking…

  … and help you turn this into a workable action plan, unique just for you and your business.

   We’ll show up live on regular video calls and help you unravel the chaos and free you from the blockages that are holding you back.

   We’ll fine tune and reveal the hidden profits in your plans.

  During our time together, you can ask unlimited questions and receive regular coaching and mentoring support.

Week #1

  We’ll help you set meaningful measurable goals and help you unearth what's really holding you back, [clue:] it's what holds everyone back and it’s not about the technical or professional skills!

  If you know what you want and what’s stopping you from getting it, that’s half the battle. We’ll know what you need to do next to fix it.

Week #2

  We’ll help you identify simple key numbers, and help you clearly understand the most important part of the puzzle that will unlock everything that’s stopping you from growing your business.

Week #3

  You'll learn how to constantly sell to more of your ideal customers and for them to buy from you at higher prices - and be willing to do so because they love your business and want to come back for more again and again.

Week #4

  We’ll personally review your plans, critique them and help you refine them.


  ...the confidence and tools to implement and see results immediately, so long as you do the work!

  Yes there is work, but the time will pass anyway! You can either work on fixing this or keep doing what you’ve always done to get what you’ve always gotten…

  It’s time for something to change, agreed?

  You already have access to the workbooks and FREE guidance from us inside 28day.biz and once you have completed the tasks in the workbooks, you can submit them to us with your notes and comments. (You can use docs and spreadsheets or whatever you like to use).

  We’ll personally go through in detail and help you refine them and guide you through exactly what you need to create your definitive action plan.

  This is a simple but effective process, but we know it’s not easy……we’ve been using and refining this process for decades to help business owners and their teams just like you gain real sustainable success.

  With Kev’s background as an accountant and Vicki’s world-class executive coaching skills, we've already helped literally thousands of people…

  ...and this is your chance to tap into this vast bank of knowledge and skill.

This is why you

should join


  “If we aim at nothing, we’ll probably hit it”

 Years of experience tells us that most entrepreneurs don’t have a clear plan, they might have “a plan” but it’s old, tired and full of holes and usually just in their heads!

  This is often reflected in the state of the entrepreneur, slightly beaten up and bloody from being in the trenches, doing what it takes to make a living and beyond.

  Frustrated at the speed of growth, the clock is ticking, the years are passing and time is running out…

  Surely success must be just around the corner, if we can just get to the next level...

  We get it!.

   It’s a common conversation we have with new clients and we've been there ourselves.

  And because we have these types of conversations so often, we have become really good at getting to the solutions quickly.

  What that solution is for you personally, none of us know unless and until we do the work, right?

  You’d be surprised how the process of building a solution itself can be as valuable - if not more - than the finished documents you create.

  You can, of course, go it alone and do it yourself. That’s why we have given everyone FREE access to the workbooks and support inside 28day.biz.

  But at some point you might feel you need some real proper help from experienced people who have done this exercise many times before, and who will use their years of expertise and skill to help you speed up the process and make sure your plans are as crystal clear as you can make them.

  In our 28 days together, speaking regularly and going through your plans…

  …we will devote our time to helping you find hidden ideas and to create YOUR real workable plan.

  This will get you excited about your goals and dreams and set you on the right path and help create believable expectations. 

Ready to ignite the fuse and get excited about your future?

TIMER to first live in person call:

You missed out!

  Join now, as numbers are dictated by the capacity Kev and Vicki have in their busy calendars.
  We genuinely don’t know when the next intake will be so book now:


  • Full schedule for the 8 calls - Monday and Thursday late afternoon 4:00 pm, 2 calls a week for 4 weeks. The calls will take as long as you need.
  • Start by submitting to us your initial plans, ideas, concepts and what’s preventing you from achieving them for us to start our personal review
  • WIthin the 8 LIVE calls we'll dig deep into:
  • Your goals, dreams and measurable targets
  • We'll build your belief levels
  • Help you crunch meaningful numbers
  • Define your avatar
  • Update your offer, prices and find your "doohickey"
  • Create your plan for new leads and more sales
  • Then... submit your finished plan for our personal review and critique
  • You'll get your homework reviewed
  • We'll help you refine your Action Plan - including time expectations and accountability


If you're not ready yet to join us, keep using the free resources we’ve given you inside 28day.biz platform and don’t miss the valuable links inside the workbooks.