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Why you probably won’t read the book?

...but can still grow your business fast!

     Of course, you might be one of the few who do read our book and that’s great,

     because the book is packed with practical help that you can use and implement to obtain for yourself real results, and sometimes fast...

     ...we explain why we are doing this in the first few pages of the book.

     If you also visit the 28 day masterclass portal there is a huge amount of additional and practical help, absolutely free!

     Simply to demonstrate we really can help you, by actually helping you…


If you're a business owner...

     ...in business on your own, or you run it with your significant other and maybe family members,

     you'll know sometimes the challenge of getting the balance right between family and business can sometimes be tough.

    You’ve probably even been in business for a while and the fact you are here reading this suggests you are looking for answers, right?

     Looking for a better way to take away the pain that comes from running your own business, long hours, sleepless nights, worrying, constantly on your phone when you know you should be with your loved ones?

     You feel battered by the economy, the banks, shitty clients and maybe you just want that one staff member to show up and do what you ask!!

     We get it!

Here's the good news and the bad news!

     It can all be fixed, but it isn't going to fix itself!

     And so far your methods have gotten you the results to date, which we hope on reflection are actually pretty good, but just like many successful entrepreneurs, you need more, right?

     Just maybe now is the time for some focused help?

     More money, more time, and more choice?

     We’ve been helping business owners just like you for a very long time and as a result have developed a process that works...

     ...and if we work with the right type of person who is willing to step up and be coached, mentored and make some changes,

     even if they seem a little counterintuitive, then we know our systems and process will work.

     To change some things in your life, you need to change some things in your life….  right?

Your easy next step...

     Is for you to book a no obligation, no commitment exploratory call with Kev and let’s see if, first, we can actually help you… (don't even bring a credit card, because there is nothing to buy on the call)

     …and while you do that, check out Episode #1.

     We recorded this a few years ago PKB (Pre Kev’s beard…!!)

Watch and book a call...

How to grow your business fast!

     Book a no obligation video call with Kev to explore if we can help you, unless we talk you'll never know...

In 30+ years of trading, we're proud to have received a good few testimonials and lovely things our clients say, here's a small sample of a few since that film was made…

They are both excellent at identifying areas where we need to improve and making sure that we address these rather than shy away from them.

I had a change to my business circumstances a couple of years ago. I was aware I had become complacent, starting to get bored with what I was doing. I was making good money, but I was very aware I wasn't as good as I could be.

When I was nervous or unsure, they helped me implement decisions and changes in ways they could see would build my confidence and enable me to continue making changes on my own

The first time I joined one of the Q&A calls, someone said: “I only want to make this about business. I want to keep it separate from my life.” But very early on, I learned if your work objectives are not in tune with your values, you simply won't achieve them.

So I found it very important straight away to work on all the aspects of life. I found all of the more personal things – my home, family and friends, my relationship with significant others, my health and fitness… all improved immeasurably in the first 90 days.

Between the two of them, Kevin and Vicki make a great team. They're not just an accountant or a business coach. They combine together to be stronger than that… and they bounce off each other and combine their skills in a really helpful way.

    We hold regular quarterly group client events where you can meet these and others...