Running a small business isn’t easy with so many moving parts and so few resources, 

but what if there 

was a better way?

What if you really could make a BIG SHIFT and breakthrough the stress, the worry 
and the overwhelm? And get
the results you know you

  Give us 90 days and we will PERSONALLY show you the methods, the strategies and the 

simple but effective process we’ve been using for decades to help business owners and their

teams just like you gain real sustainable success.

  With Kev’s background as an accountant and  Vicki’s world-class executive coaching skills, they have helped literally thousands of people for many years.

Kev Whitehouse

Mentor, Author, Accountant

Vicki La Bouchardiere

Executive Coach, Author

  Both authors, speakers, parents 
and now grandparents you are in 
very good hands.

  But it’s not about us, we know our stuff works and so do many, many past and

present clients. This is about you and what we can do to help you.

Who is this for?

Business Owner

If you're a business owner on your own or running your business with your significant other, this 90 Day Breakthrough is for you


If you employ a small team this 90 Day  Breakthrough is definitely for you and your team

   One of the biggest challenges is not a lack of knowledge, it’s not the lack of desire to do better…

   …it's a lack of action, the doing bit!

   Far too often we get caught up in tasks and activities that keep us busy, rather than those that are needed to actually get you the best results for you and the business, resulting in poor habits or stuck on the hamster wheel that somehow you can't seem to get off,  sounds familiar?

   Getting caught up “doing busy, being busy” working harder and harder, faster and faster, but yet seemingly going backwards and or at best standing still

   However, if you are willing to be coached, willing to learn and willing to implement...

   ...if you are willing to show up and do the simple daily exercises we set for you, using the digital and analogue tools we provide you, then in 90 days we will show the exact methods we and thousands of others use to hit goals and targets every single time, and get more done in 90 days than most get done in a year...

   ...and it really doesn't matter if you are the employer or the employee, everyone benefits

   It’s now time to take back control once and for all and get the results you deserve!


This is what you will get from the 
90 Day Small Business Breakthrough
  • We’ll provide you with our unique practical hands-on tools, some digital and some analogue sent in the post to you.
  • We’ll provide 100% full contact accountability and give you all the encouragement and support you could ever want.
  • We’ll work with you to set your goals covering 6 key areas of life and we’ll help you pick off what you’ll do in the next 90 days.
  • We’ll give you some world-class coaching and information to help you learn more about why each of us does things the way we do and how we can change the thinking we know needs to shift.
  • We’ll give you a proven formula that’s been helping our clients for many years really win both in business and your personal life, helping put in place some fundamentals to help sales, profits and management of time, tasks and people.

Here's what we have for you

Coaching & Accountability

  We'll give weekly coaching you can absorb and study in your own time.

  We’ll help you improve your systems and processes, and help you get the money stuff right, so there are more profits and rewards for everyone.

Resources & Tools

  We’ll also show you how you can build and put in place many of the tools our happy clients and their teams use, so at the end of the 90 days you can take away improved, measurable changes.


  You'll have access to weekly live Q&A sessions where you can ask your questions and get one-on-one coaching and support.
  You'll have full contact accountability throughout the entire 90 days from us and our team.

calendars & events

  And to wrap it all up, you'll be invited to join us at our live in-person 

"take it to the next level"

   action day at a beautiful venue in the South of England

Here's how we help you

All the tools and help we can give you

  Tools to help you kickstart your day, every day and keep you on track no matter what.

  We’ll not only show you how to use them, but we will be joining daily alongside you, showing you every step of the way what works and what doesn't!

  These unique tools will help you understand yourself better, help you learn about managing your emotions and your energy, overcome limiting beliefs, break down the barriers that have been holding you back, and give your thinking a complete overhaul and upgrade.

12 x Weekly on demand classes

  This is where we go deeper and give you everything we can to help you as an individual get more out of your days and weeks, improving your productivity and morale at work, your relationships at home and at work, and all the while keeping a focus on your physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Rituals and Habits
  • Self Talk
  • Energy and Attention
  • Staying Sharp
  • Attitude
  • Leadership And Growth
  • Self Care
  • Relationships
  • The Mindset Needed To Bring It All Together

But wait... there's more!

  You'll have access to a live, in person full-day mastermind and workshop with us.

  We’ll spend the whole day together and dig deep into what you've learnt, go through your victories and challenges from the 90 day experience, and then help you set yourself up for your amazing journey ahead where you can “win the day every-day”.

  It’s a great environment specifically designed to allow your thoughts and knowledge to develop, and you'll go back out into the world knowing this is when life changed for the better for you.

And... even more!

  Right here on this site you will have access to our packed private members area not just for the 90 days, but we’ll give you lifetime access, even if you never work with us again!

 All the recordings, the advanced mindset training, and the business on demand classes.


  We’re going to be checking in with you, making sure you show up, and we’ll be making sure you commit to your own goals and dreams.

  We'll be making sure you do the stuff you set out to do in your planning session, and we will give you a unique set of tools to help you transform what you do in 90 days so that you can make use of the new skills you learn for the rest of your life.

  You won’t be forgotten about and left behind if things get tough, our entire team is going to be checking in and supporting you!

Questions and Objections

+ Do you offer a 100% money back guarantee?

  We do, if you do your bit and show up and do the work for the full 90 days, show us your completed journal at the end, then if you are not satisfied with what we delivered, we’ll refund you fully 100%

+ What if I don’t do the work and get behind?

  Let’s cut to the chase here… the next 12 weeks is going to pass by as quickly as the last. If you are reading this you know something in your life has to change and it starts with a commitment to yourself, right?

  We will give you the support and help to keep you up to speed, you just need to decide to commit to a few hours a week working on the most important person - yourself!


+ How do I know this is right for me?

  This programme is for anyone who works in a small business and wants to develop themselves at work and on a personal level.  

  Our stuff works, we’ve been doing it for along time and it’s why we are confident to give a 100% money back guarantee

+ I want to do this, but my employer is unsure

  You can sign up by yourself - it's obviously nice to be sponsored by your employer, but not essential. The tools you'll be given in this programme will benefit you in any role either now or in the future, so it's well worth investing in yourself. 


+ I am the boss, can I put just my team through without me?

  You can, but why wouldn’t you embrace change also? As the leader of your business, your team are looking to you to lead by example - if you're still unsure then talk to us. 


+ I simply don’t have time!

  There’s only one answer to that - Bulls*it!!

  We all have 24 hours in a day and if you don’t have time, you need this more than anyone!

  As a business owner or an employee, if you are living your life close to the edge and never have time to invest in yourself to improve your thinking, then you are in trouble!  Stress, burnout, and pressure eventually leads to avoidable mental health issues.

  If you are reading this you know something needs to change. We've been doing this for a long time and know it works. 

  Come join us - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

If you keep doing the same thing and you are expecting a different result

That's just madness!!

Isn't it time to change?

Join us for 90 days and

we'll show you...