How to Grow Your Business Without the Stress, Overwhelm and Worry

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  This is a game changer for anyone who is ready to level up from rushing around at what seems like 1,000 miles an hour, trying to do it all, working your ar$e off doing what it takes to be successful, but somehow wondering what it is you have to do to get to the next level…

but first a warning!

  What we’re about to share with you isn’t something we cranked out in an afternoon to make a quick groat!. That’s not what we do.

  Running a business is far from easy. We know this to be true from running our own businesses for the past 30+ years.

  During that time we’ve worked with literally 1,000’s of owner managed businesses, often couples in business in all manner of trades and professions and we’ve witnessed the joy when it works and the tears when it doesn’t…

... So, let's tell you the truth

  Running a business is hard work and sometimes you know it’s just a bit too hard, your business is not quite where it should be and it’s stressful. It comes with worries and sometimes it just overwhelms you with the endless "to-do-list”, and what seems like the never ending fight with a few customers who just want to keep cutting your prices and the odd staff member who for starters you’d just like it if they showed up on time and did the actual work you asked of them!

  You might be wondering why you’ve ended up like this?

  So often the dream of being an entrepreneur is to build something where you don't have to work so hard, where you have more choices in life, to be free, right?

Well... it's not

your fault

  See, you do the things the way you do them mostly because that’s the way everyone else around you is doing them. And you don’t know what you don’t know because no one ever taught you any different.

  We’re here to tell you we can fix all this for you.

  But it is going to take work, it’s not going to fix itself, and it’s rarely fixed quickly…

All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT accept this invitation.

  Let’s jump in and show you what we’ve created to help make this whole process a whole lot easier for you and let’s do this quickly!

  Using the content from our brand new book:

  “Rock Solid Growth 2.0 - How to Grow Your Business Without the Stress, Overwhelm and Worry” and we’ll also give you a free digital copy and the audio as part of this programme.

  In this easy process, we’ll take you deep into the core of what every business needs to do to build something sustainable, something that can be solid and grows with or without you, during boom times or tough times.

  It starts with a simple 1 page 10 step scorecard - Each of these 10 elements is core to every business and just like a finely tuned machine, if one component part is not performing in line with all the other key parts, the knock on effect is damaging to the performance of the whole machine.

And to make it even easier for you we can break this down into 4 core elements


  And during the programme we’ll dive deep into the effect of how these must be in harmony, sharing with you the exact same process we share with all our clients to help them grow their businesses.

  This is dramatically different from anything you’ve ever seen before, because what we have created is more of a Blueprint for you.

  A step by step, paint by numbers model you can literally copy what we do for our clients and implement it straight into your business.

4 weeks 6 modules

Module #1

Your Current Rock

  Right before we begin, you need to know which rock you are standing on right now.

  What got you here, what has worked and what hasn’t?

  None of us can decide which way to go unless we first know where we are now, and this starts the process to lay down some firm foundations to build the path of where your business needs to go next

Module #2

everything starts here

  Defining what we want, what our outcome is becomes more important as you grow your business than many realise.

  A lot has changed since those early honeymoon days of starting your business, you have a few battle scars, bumps and bruises and now you are looking to step up to the next level and capitalise on your efforts…

  In which case, what does that look like?

  In this module we’ll help you uncover the key element to ignite your enthusiasm and give you the energy for your next exciting chapter

Module #3

more money

  Here we cut to the core of why you are in business, your numbers!

  Most people who are scared of the numbers or who find the process boring simply don’t understand them.

  Fear comes from lack of knowledge

  If you are in business to make money, doesn’t it make sense to get good at the numbers bit?

  We’ll explore what profit means to you?

  And we’ll show you what you often have already right under your nose, but are simply unaware of.

Module #4

more time

  With the continual evolution of technology, we constantly witness new clients who simply are unaware of the amazing opportunities technology presents to all of us.

  Systems run businesses, people run systems…

  Using the simple 80:20 law, we’ll share how we used this simple technique to find and adapt ways to run our business in a fraction of the time needed and how we continually help our clients achieve similar results.

  Get 80% done in 20% of the time, giving you that precious time you alway feel is missing in your life

Module #5

more choice

  Success is something you attract by the person you become.

  Your income is directly related to your philosophy, not the economy.

  Your philosophy has to change.

  In this module, we’ll go deep into what so many entrepreneurs struggle with, the fears that hold many back, the unnecessary worry and show you what you can do right now to fix this.

Module #6

your action plan

  Our aim is to give you the complete “how to” blueprint of the critical elements to ensure you have a Rock Solid business that can grow no matter what the world economy throws at us.

  We’ll show you, when you are missing an element or not paying enough attention to them, how this holds you back and is the root cause of most of the worry, stress and overwhelm business owners feel.

  We’ll show you how to make sure you keep them all in check and how to take what we share and use it long into the future for continual sustainable growth

Create Your

Rock Solid Growth NOW!

Here's what's included with 
rock solid growth
  • High impact accountability with regular check ins to make sure you do the right thing
  • Private members area to access unlimited coaching and mentoring from Kev and/or Vicki, you can ask as many questions as you want in our time together
  • Carefully considered delivery of the video and audio masterclasses to prevent overwhelm
  • Instant access to the carefully crafted simple and easy work books that you can download and use over and over again
  • Content delivered by a clear simple schedule mapped out to keep you on track without any overwhelm

Create Your

Rock Solid Growth NOW!

why should you listen to us?

  Why should you listen to us, or anyone else for that matter?

  Because if we are honest with ourselves, we all need help from time to time.

  We all get in our own way, we all struggle sometimes seeing the metaphorical wood for the trees

  You know yourself, when someone reaches out to you for help, sometimes you have the experience and to you, the solution is obvious, right?

  You see a 6 they see a 9, but they can’t see it and more importantly, don’t know how to get started fixing whatever “it” is!

  But, with some help and guidance, what we would call coaching and mentoring - we know confidently from years of experience and doing just this, helping business owners just like you get rid of the stress, the overwhelm and the worry, build better stronger more sustainable businesses, using the exact blueprint we share in this programme.

  It’s often because we are not so emotionally attached, we can be more objective and because this is what we do for a business and have been for many, many years, and we have a proven track record

  Here's what a few who’ve worked with us have said:

“They are both excellent at identifying areas where we need to improve and making sure that we address these rather than shy away from them.”

“Kev and Vicki have been instrumental and crucial to the growth of the business”

“You will not find any better value and repository for knowledge out there”

"You'll find the Method they use to be painfully simple, yet devastatingly effective"

“If you’re a stressed, overwhelmed business owner, following Kev and Vicki’s system and advice will change the way you operate in your business.”

“I’d urge anyone who longs for a successful, rewarding life but is struggling with stress and overwhelm to do this”

  We also started out like many, floundering around listening to our peers, friends, bloke down the road and built something, it was okay, we did alright, but everything was a bit messy behind the scenes, when it worked it was brilliant, but when it didn’t all hell broke loose and the pressure, the stress and the worry sometimes become too much…

  So we know how you feel right now, with the pressure of the economy, the constant barrage of inbound communication streams, the difficulty with team members and all while trying to look after your family, home and enjoy some time to yourself

  You just have to decide if it's US that can help YOU…

  With Kev’s background as an accountant and  Vicki’s world-class executive coaching skills, they have helped literally thousands of people for many years.

Kev Whitehouse

Mentor, Author, Accountant

Vicki La Bouchardiere

Executive Coach, Author

  Both authors, speakers, parents 
and now grandparents you are in 
very good hands.

Create Your

Rock Solid Growth NOW!

here's what to do next

  You get instant access to the private members area, with full access to the masterclasses with Kev and Vicki delivered in a style so you don’t get overwhelmed.

  You get access to the Q&A section, where you can ask as many questions as you need during our time together.

  This part alone we’re sure you’d agree is worth at least 10 times the small investment!

  You can download and use the simple workbooks again and again.

  And if you haven't got it already, a copy of the book and audio “Rock Solid Growth 2.0” including the additional masterclasses on page 87 is included.

  Our team has a process for checking in on your progress, we don’t want you to be left behind and we know we all need a bit of accountability.

  We know there is work to do, but we don’t want this to be overwhelming, so we take a short sharp approach and deliver everything you need just at the right time and speed of input.

  We know from time to time life throws us the odd curveball and scuppers our plans, and that’s why you can have lifetime access to the content to revisit as often as you wish and never miss out.

  Your simple one time investment to…

Create Your

Rock Solid Growth NOW!

Your Questions Answered About Rock Solid Growth

+ Is there much work to do?

  We provide the content in a way that should fit in with your weekly routines, we’ll literally swap out some simple TV or Social media scroll time and deliver everything you need during our 28 days together.  You have lifetime access to this content but to implement might take you longer, it all depends on what you realise you must do during our time together, but the workbooks will give you a clear plan to follow and in what order you should focus on next.

+ What if I start and fall behind?

  No worries, the core content is 6 modules over 28 days, plenty of time in between to catch up and you also have lifetime access, you can access the masterclasses and workbooks to easily catch up

+ How will you know if I have done the work?

  Each week we ask you to complete a simple form inside the private members area, those that don’t, the team will follow up and do our level best to keep you engaged.  We can’t force you, but it’s only 28 days and 6 modules and if you can’t commit to this, maybe that’s a clue why you're struggling!

+ Can I really ask as many questions as I want?

  Yep, inside the private members area we’ll provide a Q&A section, a simple form to ask your questions, we do this so you have access 24/7 - we’ll then collect them up and give our full and very best replies.

+ I've had coaching and mentoring before, what makes you so different?

  Coaching and mentoring is subjective, what we say or teach isn’t new!!

  The internet is full of free podcasts, videos and articles you can read and research, the libraries are full of books with the answers we are all looking for!  What we do is save you time, by delivering the best answers to the same problems and challenges we’ve solved for hundreds if not thousands of clients before you.

+ Do you offer a money back guarantee?

  No! - It’s simple, our regular clients pay more per hour for our services every month, they know we deliver huge value otherwise they simply wouldn’t stick around, and many have been with us for decades!

  This is life changing information, so long as you do your bit and take action.

  Somewhere you have to take a leap of faith and trust you’ve found someone who can genuinely help you.

  The demand for our 1:1 services far exceeds our obvious ability to supply hence why we have put this together and using the economies of scale we can offer this at a fraction of our private client rates.

  For you a  minimal investment and just enough skin in the game to encourage you to show up, plus we promise you won't be disappointed.

  PS -  If you are the sort of person looking to hedge your bets with a refund for this type of support, then we probably aren’t the right people to help you…

Create Your

Rock Solid Growth NOW!