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28 Days to Rock Solid Growth

We've made this really simple for you...   You can have 100% FREE access to all the resources we have here, all you need to do is click the "Start Course" button and use the Gift Code, which you'll find inside the book Rock Solid Growth 2.0   If by some weird notion you haven't got the book,  here it is! Otherwise... Here's what you'll receive inside this highly valuable course: Module #1 introduces you to the principles we use and continues from the book Rock Solid Growth. It's delivered over 28 days to ensure you don't get overwhelmed.   Module #2, #3 and #4 are available now as practical implementation tools. You get lifetime access to all modules. 6 X Core Masterclasses delivered to you over the next 28 days The first Module is restricted and released via email - deliberately what we share in these first 6 masterclasses is the deeper philosophy of everything we share in the book Rock SOlid Growth, this is the very same trainings our fee paying clients have had constant access to: Masterclass #1 - Available now! Your Current Rock Masterclass #2 - Delivered via email on Day 06 Everything starts here Masterclass #3 - Delivered via email on Day 11 More Money Masterclass #4 - Delivered via email on Day 16 More Time Masterclass #5 - Delivered via email on Day 21 More Choice Masterclass #6 - Delivered via email on Day 28 Your Action Plan 10 X Core Workbooks and practical step by step, paint by numbers   We wanted to make this set of FREE resources so powerful, so rich in content to serve two purposes: To demonstrate what we do works by actually helping you with genuine high value, so that one or two members here will decide to step up and become a client We get asked for help a lot! and this serves as an incredible resource to provide value allowing us to devote our time to fee paying clients, if you are getting value from this, please recommend this to your friends, family and colleagues. These 10 masterclasses are designed for you as "doing" exercise.  We want you to build out an action plan, something tangible you can follow and implement specifically for you.  These lean more to the workbooks and the video commentary is to give you more of an overview of what to do  next. Masterclass #1 - Goals and dreams Masterclass #2 - Your belief levels Masterclass #3 - Your next 90 days Masterclass #4 - Your AVATAR Masterclass #5 - Making change Masterclass #6 - Your list Masterclass #7 - Deliver the thing Masterclass #8 - Collect the data Masterclass #9 - More than sales Masterclass #10 - Your Next Action Steps  Your Opportunity to Get Your Questions Answered During our 28 days together, the huge hidden value in this course is that we will help you personally,  Yep! Kev and Vicki will read your questions and reply, personally, either with a short video, and/or email... GUARANTEED! Complete the Question form as many times as you wish We'll answer every question in person We'll share the answers so others can learn We'll notify you when we have the answer and direct you to the content PDF workbooks yours to download and use forever! Each of the masterclasses comes with it's own set of workbooks as a PDF for you to download and use Each set includes a task for you to complete at the end - probably you'll convert your own thoughts into your own documents and spreadsheets, in doing so you take ownership, we really encourage this as often the value is in the thinking and writing rather than the actual finished document. Each task will potentially trigger some actions for you and maybe your team to follow up on, but to give you the quickest most profitable wins we'll provide our simple scorecard which you can sue again and again Other resources and support A digital copy of our book "Rock Solid Growth 2.0" A digital Audio copy of the book "Rock Solid Growth 2.0" read my Kev and Vicki Any technical support questions, either use the Q&A section or reach out to: